Mineral Paint Additives

Mineral Paint Additives

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Paint Minerals are natural mineral additives that can be used with any quality latex paint to achieve classic designer-style finishes like mineral paint, chalk paint paint, gesso, impasto, gouache and more.
No prepping or priming is necessary - simply mix and paint! Paint MInerals makes everyday latex into amazing paint that dries quickly, levels smoothly and distresses easily. You choose the brand and colour of paint you want to use.

This is a blend of naturally occurring minerals – non-toxic, voc-free, natural, safe, environmentally friendly and made in Ireland.  Save money by turning those dusty tins in the shed into amazing mineral paint - less pollution, less paint to landfill - better for Mother Earth. 

Available in a variety of pack sizes - 90g is enough to make over 1 litre of velvety smooth mineral paint