Ceir Dubh/Black Wax

Ceir Dubh/Black Wax

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Our unique blend black wax is made from Irish beeswax and a blend of other waxes all sourced within Ireland to create a non-toxic, VOC free wax blend with an added black pigment that gives an extra dark grained finish, aged/worn effect to your bare or stained wood or painted furniture. Black wax works best on either open grained wood such as oak, pine or ash but it also looks great on ornately carved furniture where the wax will settle in the crevices and give an antique worn look. To avoid over applying our Ceir Dubh wax, we recommend you apply a layer of our soft finishing wax first. 

If you over apply our Ceir Dubh wax , overlay with a generous layer of our natural finishing wax - rub gently to combine, wipe away excess and then buff to a rich sheen. 

250ml tin