How to Use Our Mineral Paint Additive.

The contents of the mineral paint tin or packet can settle over time - roll the packet or shake the tin to fully disperse the various minerals and mix them together.

Mix 2tbsp of Paint Minerals with 3 tbsp of hand hot water. Stir thoroughly to ensure all the powder is incorporated into the water - DO NOT add paint mineral powder directly to your paint as it will be lumpy. Pour this mix into 1 US cup size of paint (approx 240ml) - I like to use old jam jars. Mix the paint thoroughly, add the lid and shake to fully combine. Remove the lid and your velvety smooth furniture paint is ready to use. 

The mixed paint requires no primer and no sanding to your piece - it will adhere to almost any surface but I recommend that you thoroughly clean your piece with sugar soap and if the surface is particularly slick, I like to scuff sand with a sanding block. 

You can mix your mineral paints to your desired consistency - if you like your paint a little thicker, leave it opened overnight or add less paint to mineral powder ratio. Make a stencil embossing paste by mixing 2 tbsp of mineral paints into 1 tbsp of hot water and then add 2 tbsp of paint. Trowel the paste into the stencil. 

Come along to a Phoenix Furniture Reborn Workshop to learn all about using Mineral Paint Additive for mineral paint, embossing paste, gesso, gouache etc.